Copyright Policy

All drawings on this site are owned by and created specifically for The use of these drawings are for personal and individual use only. These drawings may not be used for resale or for-profit distribution.

All images on this site are restricted from being hosting on other sites or for hotlinking* to another website. With the exception of search engines, forums or blogs where the intent is to have the user visit the for download of the image. For example Google is allowed to show the drawing in the image search because the intent is for the user then to go to to print the desired drawing. Another acceptable situation is for a parent who blogs or comments in a forum is allowed to copy and paste the URL to a page where the image can be printed at This is acceptable because it is driving traffic to the page to be printed and not hotlinking* directly to the image.

An acceptable url to  a web page is

An unacceptable link to the image would be directly linking to the file such as or placing the image in an html IMG tag.

Please do not misunderstand we always welcome positive and constructive comments about and specific illustrations to be posted on blogs and forums however our goal is to not have people steal images with intent that it is their own creative work and as a result steal traffic.

Thank you,

The Team

*hotlinking is act of directly linking to the image and as a result steals bandwidth. see also Inline linking.